Ah the magic cure. The easy answer. Gosh how did I not see this. I mean it works every time right? right? Right? WRONG!

The headhunters are out and they are screaming. Get rid of Mike D'Antoni and the Knicks will be good again. Except it won't be. I have mentioned this many times and will do so again in passing. the dumbing down of America's sports fans. Fire the coach. Gosh what a deep thinker. Except it very very rarely works but hey why let facts go into that deep thought out opinion.

I believe only 1 team has fired a coach and the team responded. The NHL's St louis Blues axed their coach Davis Payne 13 games into the season with a 6-7 record. They now sit atop the NHL in points. This is a rarity. 7 other NHL teams said bye bye to their coach and guess what some are marginally better, some worse. Bottom line is while this is the easy answer it isn't the right answer.

D'Antoni is a solid NBA coach stuck with a very talented but underachieving roster. Hey didn't that used to be Amare Staudemire? Hi Melo are you still getting paid? Jeremy Lin with all due respect to the AAJA has fallen off..Am I a racist for suggesting such a thing. Man his defense needs lots of help. As 1 writer wrote he couldn't guard a lamp post!

I am not surprised Lin's game has dropped off. He is for all intents a rookie. But Amare and Melo. Good grief. Now do I think D'Antoni's style can win a title-No and I have said this long before Tyson Chandler became a Knick. But does D'Antoni's style win games and produce results? Well look at his Suns resume and you decide.

While D'Antoni's style is offensive minded for sure, especially favorable to a point guard, it doesn't teach ole defense which has become a Knick specialty. Heck the Philly 6ers went 20 games without going over 100 and they put up 106 and took the 4th quarter off.

The latest loss in Chicago was actually an improvement. the Knicks were actually competitive and had a lead. the previous 4 games they trailed by double digits faster then the bullet train. It's ugly right now no doubt. If the season ended today this talented, well paid roster would be watching the playoffs while over achieving Milwaukee got the last spot. A lesson-they ran Scott Skiles the Bucks coach out of Phoenix cause it was his "fault". Oh wait they haven't won a title in Phoenix so maybe it wasn't. You blame the coach. I will blame the culprits. Amare, Melo, and Lin need to play tons better and while they are at it it is ok for JR Smith, Landry Fields and the rest to step up their games as well.