Alex Rodriguez is again implicated with steroid use, and his presence on the Yankees is becoming more of a burden than anything at this point. Here are five reasons to hate the embattled former superstar.

1. He lied again

So A-Rod not only took steroids back in the day and announced it with the Yankees, but
he also later said he was all done with it, done with the performance enhancing drugs
that helped him hit all of those home runs and drive in all of those runs. Not the case.
BALCO East, or Biogenesis or whatever you want to call it has links to A-Rod getting
PED’s and taking steroids this whole time. What a liar and a cheater and a fraud.

2. Even worse teammate

Everyone, even Derek Jeter, defended the guy. They defended him and understood that
people can make mistakes. If I am a Yankee and I know I am playing clean and have
played clean, I wouldn’t even look A-Rod in the eye.

3. Can’t stay healthy

Due the steroid use and age, A-Rod needed hip surgery that may keep him out the entire
2013 season. So not only did he lie and cheat again, he cannot even stay healthy through
it all to help the team win. This is called a waste of money.

4. Money owed

This is why baseball contracts, which are guaranteed no matter what, are the worst in
sports. How can anyone justify Alex Rodriguez not only getting paid what he does, but
getting paid $130 million more on his current deal while cheating, not producing AND
HELLO, NOT EVEN PLAYING??!?!?!!?!?!?? His contract is the worst in sports. You
have to blame the Yanks the most, however, because they could have been out of the
first contract in 2007 when Rodriguez opted out during the World Series (this was before
A-Rod admitted to steroid use for a three-year period of time and before he carried the
Yanks in the 2009 World Series, but the contract was still insane and the Yanks would
have been better off long-term as a team without Rodriguez).

5. Bad example

For kids and baseball and records and everything else, Alex Rodriguez is a terrible
example. Here is a guy who we are supposed to remember as a five-tool, all-world
baseball player who was an all-time great and attracted the American and Latino masses.
Now we see needles and drugs, cheat and scam, drama and disaster whenever his face
comes on TV or any medium or his name comes up in any discussion. It is amazing to
think it has come to this for a baseball player who didn’t even need the steroids to begin
with. The guy is an embarrassment to the Yankee uniform, an embarrassment to the
game of baseball and is a total disgrace.