Chalk this 1 up to the " never have seen that before" file. Florida Gators linebacker Antonio Morrison, no stranger to trouble, has been nabbed again for " breaking the law" but this time, the charges are highly unusual.

Morrison was arrested just a few weeks back for  allegedly punching a bouncer at a nightclub for not allowing the starting middle linebacker into the club when Morrison balked at not being given a discount to enter. This arrest though seems to have pushed Gator coach Will Muschamp over the edge.

Morrison was nailed for getting into a barking match, literally, with a police dog, at a very early hour on Sunday morning.

The complaint filed by Gainesville police claimed that after being pulled over by police, Morrison walked toward a police car and started barking at the police dog in the back seat. I am making this up. Morrison was also hit with a charge of resisting arrest. The incident took place around 4am in the early morning hours Sunday.

The report claims that Morrison's barking at the police dog, named Bear, caused the dog to bark back which in the words of the officer, diverted his attention from investigating Morrison's car. For what that investigation was supposed to be was unclear. The officer claims he told Morrison to wait in front of the police car and Morrison decided to resist arrest.

The head of Gainesville's police force said " We sometimes see this with our police horses but with the dogs people tend to steer clear of.

Apparently Morrison didn't get the memo on his teasing and mocking the dog.

making this more unusual is that Muschamp didn't suspend Morrison for the assault on the bouncer, but his barking has landed him a 2 game suspension.