Florida Gulf Coast is just hours away from playing as the first 15 seed in the Sweet 16 against Florida. They also have the coolest nickname in all of college hoops, Dunk City, in honor of their high flying style of play. This has resulted in Dunk City t-shirts, memorabilia and, now, student ID cards.

Twitter, @BrettComer0

Eagles point guard Brett Comer tweeted the above photo of one of 1,600 novelty ID cards issued by the university paying tribute to Dunk City. The Fort Myers News-Press revealed another photo of the ID cards, showing us one belonging to some random nerd who looks as awkward as you would expect a nerd to look on a school ID card.

This is a great move by the university to take advantage of the swarm of publicity generated by the Eagles' Sweet 16 run. Not only does it make Florida Gulf Coast look great to people looking to go to school and to the media, but things like this go a long way towards boosting school spirit among current students. They only average around 2,200 fans per game at home games, despite having a 4,500 seat facility.

If the Eagles continue to impress on the court and generate a buzz among their community off of it, they could see that attendance figure skyrocket in the near future.