Florida Gulf Coast has enjoyed an unprecedented level of success in this year's NCAA Tournament in becoming the first 15 seed in the history of the competition to advance to the Sweet 16. They have done so by absolutely shaming both Georgetown and San Diego State, with a variety of high flying dunks and more swag than a Young Money video.

They also have a music video of their own now, as they have been immortalized in a remix of Tyga's 'Rack City,' renamed 'Dunk City' in honor of the soaring Eagles of FGCU.

First of all, how awesome is it that this was put together on such a quick turnaround? This thing was published the day after Florida Gulf Coast's upset of Georgetown on Friday. Secondly, it's not a bad track at all. While not the most lyrically creative (many of the lyrics are spun off of Tyga's original bars), it is fun and pretty representative of the team it represents.

Florida Gulf Coast, by the way, was started in 1997 and has already enjoyed more NCAA Tournament success than Harvard, one of America's most prestigious and well known institutions of higher learning. This is what makes the NCAA Tournament so great. It matters not who you are and where you came from. If you've got game, you can become a part of its history, and that's exactly what Florida Gulf Coast has done.

Dunk City will take on the Florida Gators in the Sweet 16 on Friday night at 10 p.m. to see if their magical Cinderella run will continue into the Elite Eight.