I have said many times it is called the criminal justice system because the criminals get all the justice. While this isn't the column to defend that statement or debate that issue the outcome of Floyd Mayweathers plea to be let out of jail can make my case even further.

Good old Floyd who likes to not only punch an opponent in the ring he also likes hitting defenseless woman which is why he was locked up on June 1st for 90 days. Mayweather is serving a 3 month sentence for striking his girlfriend while his kids were watching.

Now Mayweathers attorney/ambulance chaser Richard Wright is pleading with the justice system to allow Floyd to serve his light term at home under house arrest, claiming that keeping Floyd in the klink is depriving him of making a living and that his health is deteriorating being behind a closed cell and his chance of earning a living and staying in shape are deteriorating as well. Interesting their legal braintrust-maybe good out woman beater should have thought of that before belting the girlfriend no?

In a related note Bernie Madoff's attorney wants his client let out cause being in jail limits his ability to run fake ponzi schemes. In fact word is Charles Manson wants out cause he can't make a living either. Heck why not release the entire prison population so they can earn some money as well.

This is completely laughable but so is our justice system. Yes it is the best in the world but that doesn't say much. The fact that an ambulance chaser can even make such an absurd claim shows the poison of the justice system. Poor little Floyd can't train--waaaaaaah. Poor misunderstood Floyd can't make a living--waaaaah. Hey Floyd maybe a visit from your Girl and you can practice some boxing on her face agaain yes?