Looks like boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. has decided to pick a fight against someone who isn't a member of the boxing world.  He doesn't buy into the whole Lin-Sanity crazy.

Jeremy Lin has been impressing everyone with his ability to lead, and inspire the Knicks to quite the winning streak.  He knocked down 38 points against Kobe and Lakers, and even on a night when he is off he still manages at least 20 points.  Everyone is loving this kid from Harvard, everyone except for Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Yesterday, Mayweather tweeted that if Jeremy Lin was black, he wouldn't be getting all the praise that he gets.  Mayweather may be missing the point that people aren't impressed by his race, nor does that matter.  They are impressed that he came out of no where to get the New York Knicks out of their funk and back into playoff contention.  Perhaps Mayweather should stick with boxing, because he seems clueless when it comes to other sports that people actually care about.