Floyd Mayweather was able to stay unbeaten Saturday night by recording a fourth-round knockout against Victor Ortiz.  However, the knockout occurred with a great deal of controversy.

The fourth round of the Mayweather-Ortiz fight was one of the most unique rounds in boxing history.  Victor Ortiz was unleashing a barrage of punches against Floyd Mayweather.  Ortiz had Mayweather backed up into a corner at the end of the round.  All of a sudden, Ortiz launched his forehead at Mayweather's face.  Ortiz literally did a flying head butt that connected with Mayweather's chin.

Referee Joe Cortez stopped the fight to deduct a point from Ortiz.  The fighters met at the center of the ring to resume fighting.  Ortiz was apologetic.  After a quick embrace, Mayweather was ready to fight.  While Ortiz was continuing to apologize for his head butt by trying to hug Mayweather, Money May connected with a left hook that stunned Ortiz.  Mayweather then threw a vicious right that dropped Ortiz to the canvas.  Ortiz was unable to stand up.  Mayweather won the fight in the fourth round via knockout.

The knockout was very controversial.  While technically it was legal, it was very cheap.  Referee Joe Cortez was not even looking at the fighters when Mayweather unleashed the two punches that knocked Ortiz out.

The fireworks didn't stop after the fight as HBO's Larry Merchant interviewed Mayweather.  Floyd described the end of the fight by saying, "We're back to fighting.  Left hook.  Right hand.  And that's all she wrote.  It's protect yourself at all times."

Merchant kept pressing Mayweather to explain his actions when Mayweather said to Merchant, "You don't know sh*t about boxing."  Merchant responded by saying, "I wish I was 50 years younger and I'd kick your ass."  Mayweather walked away from Merchant after the exchange.  No, referee Joe Cortez wasn't watching when this exchange took place either.