Let's be honest Met fans. This is just another lousy season in a string of lousy seasons. Our team is awful. Our immediate future is not looking so good. The outfield is a joke. The GM is clueless. The ownership useless.

However for a day we get to put that all on the back burner. For us Met fans hope is on display is spades today as the Mets take on the Atlanta Braves in a double header. Usually for a Met fan this would bring dread. The hated Braves. 2 more losses staring us in the face. You know the usual. But on this Tuesday we can hope that our future is better then our present. That future will be on display in both games of the twin bill.

The afternoon opener has Matt Harvey wheeling and dealing. The poor kid can't get a break, and the Mets can't score for him. I believe his all star hopes are dwindling fast. If not for the game being played at Citifield they might not even exist. Harvey takes on rookie Alex Wood in the opener.

Then the nightcap and all Met fans will be excited to see Zack Wheeler take the hill for the 1st time in the big leagues. The kid every scout drools about makes his debut against Atlanta's Paul Maholm. The Mets traded Carlos Beltran for the jewel of minor league pitchers said most of the scouts.

Wheeler has struggled at AAA Vegas, but what pitcher doesn't scuffle in the PCL. Also many believe like Harvey, Wheeler got bored with the minors with nothing left to prove. The cheap Mets have waited until now to bring up Wheeler for reasons that are financially motivated in terms of major league service and being eligible for arbitration.

Today Met fans get a little taste hopefully of a brighter future then the dismal present. The Mets lost in the 9th inning again to Atlanta on Monday after a rain delay of almost 4 hours. Dillon Gee gave up a 2 run walk off home run to Freddie Freeman and the Mets lost. AGAIN.

However today is not about this year but next year and the immediate future after that. if both young pitchers do well do the Mets think about expediting this rebuilding project that has taken what seems like decades? Going against the Braves, the Mets chief tormentors all these years adds juice to this twin bill. Atlanta has a nice lead in the NL East. Can the punchless Mets derail them at least for a day?

Lots of questions. Lots of excitement. For at least 1 day we Met fans can be happy and hopeful!!!!