How good is Odell Beckham Jr.? Can Victor Cruz make it back to full strength for the Giants?

To answer all that and more we brought in former Giants WR coach Sean Ryan.

Ryan believes Cruz can get back to being a productive piece for the Giants and he also says that OBJ is the best player he's ever been around at the wide receiver position.

Furthermore, he answered the question: "What happened with the OBJ-Josh Norman situation?"

In addition to talking WRs, Ryan told us what to expect from Ben McAdoo in his upcoming first season as head coach.

Ryan has moved on now to become the WR coach of the Houston Texans, where we asked him how excited he is to work with DeAndre Hopkins, one of the elite pass-catchers in the NFL.

Ryan is also a Hudson Falls native, so we asked him what he needs to do whenever he comes back to the Capital Region.