A former high draft pick of the New York Yankees, Brien Taylor has hit a new low in his streak of lows.

The former number one draft pick over all in 1991 will now spend the next three years in jail. Taylor has been sentenced to 38 months in jail for possession of crack cocaine. Taylor pled guilty to the crime back in August.

Taylor, who in 1991 was billed as the next Dwight Gooden, Bob Gibson, or Roger Clemens, never saw one day of action in the major leagues. The Yanks took him first overall in '91 and he received a then record signing bonus of 1.55 million dollars.

Taylor's streak of misfortune started after he joined his brother in a fight outside a bar and hurt his shoulder in that fight. He never won the battle for his career.

Taylor was defended in the case by a public defender which seems to indicate that he is broke. After his prison time ends, the now 40 year old Taylor will have to be supervised for three years after his release from the clink. He could be released sooner for good behavior. He is being held right now in Pamlico County jail which is located in North Carolina. He will soon be going off to a federal prison to serve his sentence.