A foul ball hit by Yankees third baseman Eric Chavez smacks an unfortunate fan right in the face.

The Yankees smacked around the Orioles on Saturday evening 17-3. The Yankees set a franchise record by scoring 12 runs in the first inning. Each of the nine hitters in the batting order each recorded a hit and scored a run in the first inning. It was a beatdown.

Speaking of beatdowns, a fan didn't exactly handle a foul ball hit by Eric Chavez with grace. A foul ball smacked the fan in the face and bloodied his nose. Personally, I'm anti-mitt when attending a baseball game. It's dorky to use a mitt in the stands hoping to catch a foul ball if you're older than the age of 10. However, if this fan rocked out a mitt, he'd be a dork with an unaltered face.  CLICK HERE TO SEE THE VIDEO.