The dream lives although the odds are stacked. Don't tell  Dan Di lella it can't be done. I seem to remember a guy who was bagging groceries and might be amember of the Hall of Fame. Di lella might not be Kurt Warner but who is.

Undrafted and then unwanted in free agency Di Lella is getting a look from the NY Jets. Many a successful athlete had only a dream at 1 point. "It's no strings attached, it's a couple of days" is how Di Lella summed up his workout for the Jets.

The competition is there as well. The Jets in addition to their NFL roster of 3 qb's and you know the names have brought in a few QB's to work out . Tulsa's G.J Kinne and former Giants QB Phil Simms son Matt are also working out for the Jets. The idea is to impress but if not get some tape to shop around with to other teams. Cheap help is always welcome in pro sports.

Di Lella thought he might get drafted late in this past draft. It didn't happen. ESPN draft guru Mel Keiper Jr  then claimed he was 1 of the top free agents available at QB. However no calls came. His agent Brad Berkowitz claimed he wasn't surprised no one called but rather "shocked" that no calls came in. Di Lella has been working out with former Giants QB Scott Brunner and according to his agent his mechanics are much much better and his footwork is "flawless" now. Berkowitz claimed Di Lella's mechanics were not good before Brunner starting working with him. Di Lella's arm was also suspect at 1 time, when his weight was at around 210. he has now beefed up to 240 and according to berkowitz his arm is "like a cannon"

Is Di Lella bitter about not getting a call from any of the 32 teams-he says "it is what it is". Yes is it young fella as it was 1 day for a bag boy in a grocery store named Kurt Warner!