You've got to be fu*king kidding me. Former Met great, Hall of Famer Gary Carter has been officially recognized by the Merriam-Webster dictionary as the Godfather of the "f-bomb."

Thats right. The Lords of the Word have deemed "f-bomb" as being worthy enough to gain entrance into the dictionary as a recognized word, and, in the process of doing so have researched its origin. Their findings: It all started with The Kid. Now, Merriam-Webster hasn't claimed that Carter invented the word, but have traced its origins as a popular American phrase to its a 1988 Newsweek interview in which Carter dropped an "f-bomb" while explaining how he was dropping the "f-bomb" from his vocabulary. Its all very confusing, but you get the drift.

As a fan of both swearing and the New York Mets, I just wish that Gary Carter was able to live long enough to accept this honor in person. The baseball legend passed away in Feburary after battling brain cancer.