San Francisco tight end Vernon Davis apparently prayed for a match up with the New York Giants in the NFC Championship.  He got his wish, and Antrel Rolle says he will regret his prayer.

Antrel Rolle hasn't been shy about talking trash leading up to big games.  There have been instances of it coming back to bite him, and other times he has made good on his big talk.  Now he is saying that he hopes that Vernon Davis asked for the Giants because he wanted a home game, because they are not going to make it easy for San Francisco.

Rolle goes on to say that the team has gelled into a pretty well oiled machine.  They believe that they can go  on to win this game and get back to the Super Bowl.  He said that the hardest part about facing San Fran will be the mental factor, because they are mentally exhausting and very hungry.

The 49ers beat the Giants earlier this season 27-20, and Rolle, like many other Giants, are looking for a little redemption.