This just in, the biggest name in the Defensive Back community is ready to go test the market and he is must get for the New York Giants…


Nnamdi Asomugha has found a loop hole in his contract that allows for him to escape from the corner pent house in Al Davis’s crazy hotel. This guy is so beast, Big foots are scared of him, and now he is up for grabs.  I know what your saying, “he just signed a big deal”, and yah your right he did. It was a 3 year 45 million buck deal, the biggest for his position EVER. But if he did not reach his incentives in 2010, He could opt out of the deal and become an unrestricted free agent.

What where those incentives you ask? To play in more defensive plays in 2010 then 2009, he played in all 16 games last year and only played 14 so that’s out the door. He also could of gotten it by improving his stats (INT’s Sacks Fumble recoveries and what have you).  The problem there is it’s hard to improve numbers for turn overs when you’re only targeted on 33 plays the entire season. 33 PLAYS! That’s right only 33 balls where tossed his way all season, with only 13 receptions and no touch downs.

Right now Al Davis is building a Cobra Commander type flying chair so he can fly to Nnamdi Asomugha’s house and offer him all of his track suites to play for another 3 years.  So while Al is loosing his mind, the rest of the league has time to put together offers for the 4 time pro bowler.  One of those teams should be the New York Giants. The Giants got passed on like they were a practice squad at a Jr. College by John Kitna.  Kitna the guy who quarter backed the Lions to a historic 0-LIFE in 08  looked like Joe Montana’s and John Elway’s love child against the Giants secondary.

A guy like Nnamdi Asomugha would be a great addition to New York Suring up the D even more to the point that Eli Manning can toss how ever many interceptions as he likes, and the giants can still make the playoffs