There are some great trash talkers in sports.  You probably wouldn't automatically think of Giants' vice president of communications Pat Hanlon.  However, after he lashed out at fans for questioning the offseason moves of the G-Men, he belongs on the trash-talking list somewhere.

Several fans have been very critical of the Giants' offseason moves.  How could you not be?  The Giants lost Steve Smith and Kevin Boss in free agency to the Eagles and Raiders respectively, and are still trying to iron out a deal with Osi Umenyiora.

Some fans voiced their displeasure on Twitter.  Pat Hanlon, the VP of communications, wasn't having any of it though.  A fan questioned whether you could say the Giants were definitively better than last year.  Hanlon replied by tweeting, "Can you say we're worse, knucklehead?"

When a fan suggested that the Giants were rebuilding, Hanlon tweeted, "Re-build my ass!  I got your re-build."  Another fan said the G-Men are worse on paper this year than they were last year.  Hanlon responded, "We don't play on paper.  You know what you can do w/ that paper?"

Okay, tell us how you really feel, Pat.  Based on the offseason moves the Giants have made, they are not a better football team than last year.  That doesn't mean they're destined to be awful, but you have to call it like it is.  It's not ridiculous to suggest that the Giants have taken a step backwards in terms of personnel.