The New York Giants lost to the Washington Redskins on Sunday 28-14.  Antrel Rolle still believes that the Giants still have the better team and franchise.  Find out how many times Rolle believes the Redskins would beat the Giants if they played 100 games.

Antrel Rolle was a guest on WFAN radio following the Giants season-opening loss to the Redskins.  "As a team and organization, we know that the Washington Redskins is not a better team than us," Rolle said. 

"We know that hands down.  If we played them 100 times, they might win five.  They won that day.  It never leaves a good taste in your mouth when you lose to an opponent that you know you are better than."

When asked if he was impressed by Rex Grossman, Rolle said, "No, not at all.  We'll definitely prove that next time around.  He is going to feel the Giants come the next time around.  We will take care of that when the time comes."

By the way, Grossman complete 21-of-35 passes for 305 yards and 2 touchdowns.  Granted, the Giants were missing Justin Tuck and Osi Umenyiora on Sunday.  The Giants might be the better team, but 95 wins out of 100?  That's a bit much, Antrel.