On Friday, the New York Giants will sit down and talk with Plaxico Burress.  It will be the first contact between the former All-Pro wide receiver and his former club since he was released from prison.

The meeting is an attempt to figure out if the wide receiver and Giants head coach Tom Coughlin can put the past behind them and move on.

But I think this is a horrible move.  Why would the Giants want to bring Burress back?  In his 4 years with the Giants, he was fined over 40 times totalling hundreds of thousands of dollars.  He was a team disruption and a malcontent.

In his first interview after being released from jail in mid-June, Burress said he didn't have a very good relationship with Coughlin.  Burress said the coach never really had respect for anything he had to say.  Why on earth would the Giants want to go down this road again?

In the middle of the Giants incredible 2008 season, Burress brought a loaded handgun into a Manhattan nightclub and shot himself in the leg. The Giants have never been the same since. They have an 18-14 record since that night.

Burress fundamentally ruined the Giants for the next 2 ½ years.  They lost to the Eagles in the 2008 playoffs after he was suspended and then they didn’t make the playoffs in 2009 or 2010.

The Giants talk about being a class organization all the time. Why on earth would they bring in a convicted felon?  This doesn’t seem like a very Giants-like move to me. 

I'm all for 2nd chances but it's time for both sides to move on.  I don’t doubt Burress' ability but I just think it’s time to go in another direction.  It’s like getting back with a girlfriend after having a nasty break-up where both people were saying awful things to each other.  That relationship is never the same again.

It's time for the Giants to finally break-up with Burress.