Cooperstowm is known for the baseball Hall of Fame. Local girl Sarah Groff is trying to add Triathlon to Cooperstown lore. Groff and her 2 teammates are going for Gold at the upcoming games in London.

The 30 year old Groff will compete on August 4th. She just finished 3rd in an Olympic warm up event in Germany in the world triathlon.

America hasn't exactly been steller in Triathlon, winning only 1 medal. Groffs mates are Gwen Jorgensen of Wisconsin and Laura Bennett of Florida. Bennett finished 4th in the previous games in China.

I was stunned to see how Triathlon has grown in the USA-from about 16,000 participants only 20 years ago to about 150,00 now. The sport is new to the Olympic games, as it was just back in 2000 that it was recognized for the games. For us Americans the only medal that we have won was a Bronze won in Athens by Susan Williams...

The 30 year old Groff hopes to add to the cause on August 4th. Her event is scheduled to begin at around 4am....The Australians where Groff now lives are the odds on favorites to win Gold