Folks as I write this my stomach is churning. What in the name of common decency is going on with Penn State. Ok PSU you whacked Joe Paterno. You got rid of President Spanier. You did the right thing but why-why-why-why is Mike McQueary coaching on Saturday? You can and I will make the case that McQueary's non actions were worse then JoPa's non actions. McQueary saw Jerry Sandusky doing his evil deeds and ran like a coward. 28 years of age at the time and an ex player McQueary had the ability and physical stature to stop Sandusky and instead he chose to call his daddy. My gosh what are you people at Penn State thinking? If I wanted to list the culprits and enablers in this sad-sick-perverted mess Sandusky is clearly at the top and McQueary would be 2nd. JoePa,Spanier, Curly, Shultz while they are enablers they never saw Sandusky in the throes of destroying a child, McQueary did and he ran off. As a fan,not a die hard fan but a fan of Penn State I am getting more and more and more angry by the moment. What is so special about McQueary that he hasn't be blown out yet. You would think getting JoPa out would be the toughest decision him having put in 61 years at the school but no it is McQueary who is still left.

Think about this for every scandal going forth in College Football and you know there will be more cause as much as I and millions love it it is seedy as heck any new scandal will have this phrase "at least it's not Penn State". Think about that board of trustees at PSU. You are now going to be the front part of EVERY scandal. These infamous words will ring true "At least it's not Penn State" and you aren't making it any better by sheltering the very guy who ran off like a sissy when he had a chance to save a kid from being raped.

Mike McQueary needs to be fired and fired today!!!! We will have new and fresh information about this scandal today including rumors that will make what we have seen so far seem like a drop in the bucket