Unlike most fans and even many media folks I don't call for firings every time my favorite team loses. Every loss isn't the coaches fault, and going through coaches is usually non-productive. But, like anything else, there are exceptions to my own rules and Tony Sparano was an exception. Thankfully the "Sparano era"  as offensive coordinator has ended after one lousy year. Sparano is out according to reports.

How Sparano ever got "in" amazes me. Obviously the Jets offense was a failure. A dismal failure. How did anyone ever think that the dinosaur Sparano would be able to run a system featuring Tim Tebow in Wildcat formations when he belongs in the leather helmet era makes me shake my head. While I am all for power football and prefer that style over the Chip Kelly type offense, even I never bought into Sparano being the OC of my team. His Miami offenses were offensive and bringing him in was an EPIC mistake.

The Jets wanted to run a varied formation offense with a degree of wildcat. Sparano is fit to run the wing T, not today's higher tech offenses. It was doomed to fail from the start and listening to Sparano and his defenders how he would instill attitude and toughness was laughable. Just check Sparano's "offense" when he was head coach of the Dolphins.

The Jets finished 30th in the NFL in offense. You mean there were two others that were worse? Sure Sparano was done in by the inept play of Mark Sanchez. The inability to dominate on the ground, and some injuries. However this thing never had a chance to succeed frankly. Sparano is more a defensive guy then an offensive mind.

My other objection to be honest in hiring Sparano was he was the leader of the team I detest the most. Is nothing sacred anymore?

As a Jet fan I want them to run an offense predicated on power football. Points and passing put people in seats. Running the ball and working the clock and of course defense win titles. With Sparano in charge the Jets never had a chance to be successful. I doubt if Joe Montana was the QB this offense could work.

Sparano for some reason had no clue how to incorporate Tebow as a weapon. I mean clueless comes to mind. Why did the Jets even acquire Tebow if he would be used so sparingly?

Now the rumors are surfacing that another failure as a head coach, Norv Turner will become offensive coordinator. This troubles me a bit. No question Norvis knows offense better than Tony Dinosaur. When he ran Dallas's offense back in the day the Cowboys were productive and champions but let's be honest here. The Jets don't have Aikman, Emmit, Irvin, or that great offensive line anchored by Larry Allen and Mark Stepnoski. I wonder if the Jets aren't better off finding someone who is younger and more innovative while not losing the ground and pound philosophy or principles.