Last week some gloom set into Giants camp when often hurt Terrell Thomas went down with what appeared to be another serious knee injury. But the G Men live a charmed life and on Monday Thomas returned to Albany and Giants camp and look like he will be able to play and soon.

Thomas is a very important player for the Giants, especially after the team lost some depth during the off-season. But he is also a risk. Twice his knee has been fixed via surgery. It's why the Giants have been hesitant to do a long term deal with the talented corner. When he went down early in camp on a what seemed to be an innocent play the worst was feared.

However Monday Thomas returned. Thomas was hurt when he slipped during coverage drills. He did consult with 2 doctors and both seemed to believe that rehabbing the injury rather then surgery was the way to go. For Now!

Tom Coughlin had this to say about Thomas injury when he went down and things looked bleak " He told me (meaning Thomas) he feels very positive about it. He told me he doesn't really have any pain, does not feel instability, and that the knee wasn't swollen".

Thomas consulted with several doctors, the most prominent being Dr. James  Andrews and he thought that trying to rehab it rather then surgery was the best way to go.

The Giants have made no announcement when Thomas might return to practice let alone a game. For now though season ending surgery has been avoided. For now!