What do you get when you excel in the months of September, October and November, yet flounder in the high-pressure moments of December and January? Well apparently, if you are the starting quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys, you get paid a dump-truck load of cash. With "franchise quarterbacks" at a premium in the National Football League, the Cowboys decided to pull the trigger and lock down Tony Romo with a new six-year contract extension, worth around $108 million.

The 33-year-old Romo is the team's all-time leader in touchdown passes (174), and also holds the franchise single-season records for passing yards (4,903) and touchdown passes (36). However, the team has failed to produce in late-season situations like they did under Hall of Fame players Roger Staubach and Troy Aikman, losing regular season finales to the New York Giants and the Washington Redskins the last two seasons with the NFC East division title on the line. Romo has a regular season of 14-19 in the months of December and January, while carrying a playoff record of just 1-3 in his career.

When reached for comment regarding the new contract extension for his team's quarterback, Cowboys owner / general manager Jerry Jones said the following:

In today's game, every NFL franchise understands the importance of production and continuity at the quarterback position, and, historically, few franchises have enjoyed those benefits more than the Dallas Cowboys. We are very confident in this investment and commitment.

This contract makes Romo the highest paid player in franchise history, which is pretty insulting when you think of former players like Aikman, Smith and Irvin, but it is a true sign of the times. When you look around the rest of the league, money is being thrown around left and right to guys who are deemed "franchise quarterbacks," so the Cowboys really painted themselves into a corner with no other option aside from giving Romo his money. So allow me to extend my congratulations to one of the worst General Managers in the last fifteen years of the National Football League, the almighty moron that is Jerry Jones - you have guaranteed yourself late-season disappointment for years to come.