If you cheer for Baltimore or San Francisco you might not feel so good about it but for the rest of us Football fans what more can you ask for then this day of football! I will get to my rant about kickers in a moment but lets 1st gush about excitement and thrills.

The Patriots game was just incredible. So many huge plays made by both teams and oh that smug Bill Belichick pulls it out again. Man this guy is lucky, Smug and genius all wrapped into 1.  To shank a chip shot field goal and lose this game this way has to just make a Baltimore fan sick and Patriot fan wipe their brow. That play by Bernard Pollard was amazing. This Patriot defense rose to the occasion.

I also believe you can't walk away not impressed by the play of Joe Flacco despite that 1 lousy pick. Not gonna lie you walk away after watching the Patriots win and you shake your head. How? Tell you what very impressive day for the Pats running game which kept Baltimore's defense at bay a bit.

As for coach robot I mean Belichick you gotta just want him to pay the price for some of his decisions but either Tom Brady or a stroke of luck stop that. Putting Julian Edelman in the game at DB  in this crucial situation was in your face coaching, something he is known for and yet despite Anquan Boldin eating Edelman's lunch the smarmy Belichick gets away with it. I shake my head!

Then if this weren't enough the NFC game had it's own thrills. So happy for the GREAT Tom Coughlin. I have said it many times Tom Coughlin is a great Football coach and a better man. Giant fans that wanted him gone shame on you. This guy is hall of fame worthy in my opinion. You have to think Coughlin had that  Billy Cundiff miss on his mind  while demanding the Giants run the ball to get into Chip shot territory for Lawrence Tynes game winner.

What can you say about the toughness of Eli Manning who got blasted all game and didn't look the worse for wear in overtime. To throw the ball as much as he did and get hit as much as he did answered any questions about  Eli's toughness and will to win.

Now a small note to kickers. They are a dime a dozen as I have always said. To miss a 32 yard fg Billy Cundiff is absurd. To miss it that far left is a straight up gag. It would be hard to transport back to Baltimore if it were me on a plane with that kicker. You can counter with Tynes make to win the game but come on you have to nail 31 yarders. That's cake!

Overall a great day of Football and yes you are welcome Giant fans. Calling my shot 1st for  the title. Patriots 37 and the Giants 9!