The New England Patriots are riddled with injuries to some of their most valuable weapons on both sides of the ball.

Just in time for Jets-Patriots on Sunday, the agent of Rob Gronkowski says that he will be available to play this weekend. Gronkowski has missed all six games so far this season due to injury.

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Yes, it's true that Danny Amendola is still out and Aaron Hernandez isn't leaving his cell any time soon.

BUT ...

Gronk in the roster for the Pats could change everything, specifically when it counts.

This season, the Patriots are ranked 30th in the NFL in touchdown efficiency in the redzone. Last year, with 6-foot-6 tight end active and healthy, Tom Brady's offense was No.1 in redzone efficiency.

No doubt - the 2010 Patriots second round draft pick can be a headache with his TMZ lifestyle and off the field antics but at the end of the day, he changes what the Patriots do offensively and will also alter the Jets defensive plans as well.

Speaking of defense, the Pats will be without captains Vince Wilfork and Jerod Mayo. Add in cornerback Aquib Talib out and suddenly the Patriots defense is much more human.

Dear Geno Smith, if you're going to win at all in the last three games (next two weeks are Bengals then Saints), now would be the time.