I think the headline speaks for itself. Many will disagree and call me unsympathetic and that's fine. However even Hamilton agrees with me and said so at his presser on Friday, 1 day after he had a "relapse" against drinking. Talking about his relationship with his wife the Texas slugger said " it's time I became the strong one in the relationship, take responsibility and take the lead in making choices, making decisions and stepping up and being the man I am supposed to be and not continue to hurt her, put my kids in situations where they might hear things. It's not a good situation for anybody".

I totally concur with that statement!  It's time for Hamilton to be a man and grow up. I get the feeling that more then just some drinking may have gone down that night judging  by this Hamilton quote " Things happened that,  me personally, I'm not proud of after I drank".

Because Hamilton has fallen astray to drugs in addition to alcohol he is tested 3x per week and has passed every test to this point. The very truth is this. You can try to help people when they need it and that's fine but you can't help someone who won't help themselves!

At his non scripted presser Hamilton sounded sincere but  has sung this song before. For those that would claim I am unsympathetic to the  demons that Hamilton can't beat that is not so. But let's also have some of that feeling for all the people whose lives hinge on Hamilton making the right choices. let's not forget all the people that have stuck out their neck for this guy. The Rangers organization has shown they will try and help their people  with Hamilton and the manager Ron Washington who admitted to having used drugs awhile back. Major league baseball has supported him but mostly his teammates who have not only supported him but in many ways changed their own lives to try and help. From locker room celebrations to late night phone calls to flying and club house restrictions his teammates have sacrificied much.

At 30 years old, married and 4 young daughters it's time for Josh Hamilton to do exactly what he said take responsibility for himself and his actions-To Man Up!