I know it's only natural to get excited and giddy when meeting a famous athlete or celebrity but I have some great advice for you.

Stop being a nerd!

Unless you're under 16-years old, you can never ask a sports star or celebrity for an autograph.  Ever!

If you can drive yourself to the sporting event, you shouldn’t get an autograph.  It screams, “I haven’t quite grown up yet.”


The minute you ask for an autograph (if you’re 16 and older), you lose that person's respect.  Why?  Because you’re an obsessed collector. Players instantly assume you’re selling it on the internet.

Autographs are supposed to be for kids to enjoy. It’s not about a 36-year old single man pushing a kid out of the way so he can rub elbows with Hakeem Nicks.  Move over Chode and let 10-year old Timmy get his autograph.  You don't need it.  You're a grown man - you've got bills to pay and kids to feed.  Getting an autograph isn't a part of either of those things.

What would you rather have? An autograph or a picture?  Personally, I'd rather have a my picture taken with that player.


I used to get countless autographs as a kid and guess what?  I don't think I kept any of them.  But I once got my picture taken with Washington Capitals right wing (and former Albany River Rats head coach) Tom Rowe at a mall.  You know what?  I still have that photo (in a frame) to this day.

I think it’s cooler to take a picture with that player – and then post it on Facebook to brag to all your friends!

Many autograph hounds (ie: grown men) are just looking to put a signed jersey or football on eBay. I have a real problem with fans that sell stuff; that ruins it for other fans.


It’s why I got out of collecting trading cards. It became too expensive and went from a hobby to a business.  Sports memorabilia just took a different turn in the 90’s.

So before you go up to that player and ask for an autograph, ask yourself this: "What am I really going to do with this?"  Displaying all of your autographs in your "Man Cave" isn't cool, sorry!