When I was a little younger I had hoped to someday do what Bob Royak has done. 2 things stopped me- me and me. Well we all have dreams. For Guilderlands Bob Royak he has a chance to knock down a dream as he qualified for the senior U.S. Open that takes place this weekend  in Michigan.

Royak fired a 71 at the Atlanta Country Club just a few weeks back to make it into the field for the open at the Indianwood Golf and CC in Orion, Michigan. That Atlanta CC is a bear. No player without skills does well at that place.

Royak got to play a practice round with the great Tom Watson this week in Michigan.. Royak just turned 50 so he got into the Open Championship in his 1st year of  being eligible.

When asked about his goals for the Open he wasn't bold enough to say winning it-rather he did say " To play 4 rounds of golf. To make it to the weekend".

Royak tees off with his group at roughly 1.00 pm in Thursdays 1st round. By the way back to my dreams-um no. I still stink :)