I am partly outraged and part thrilled on the latest NFL hall of fame vote. Lets start with the good stuff. All hail Curtis Martin, arguably the greatest Jet of all time. Matin leads a  group of  6 inducted into the NFL HOF. Martin retired  after 11 years in the league as the 4th leading rusher of all time and still resides in that 4th spot. Martin was drafted by the Patriots but went to the Jets after Bill Parcells went to the Jets.

Speaking of the Tuna he didn't make the cut in voting by the 44 people who vote on these matters. How? Why? So far no explanation has been given. I made the observation that if Parcells were held out this time it had to be a personal bias by the writers and I stand by that. Who,why and what for I don't know but Parcells clearly has the numbers to be voted in. He is the only coach to turn around 4 teams that were rock bottom when he started in those places. The Giants were dreadful for years before Tuna took over. The Patriots were a joke just coming off the Lisa Olsen fiasco. The Jets were laughable as they just finished up the Rich Kotite error and the Dallas Cowboys were coming off the Dave Campo fiasco. Campo has the worst winning percentage of any Cowboy coach in history having gone a pathetic 15-33. Parcells turned then into an instant playoff team.

My contention is Parcells could be prickly at times with the media and I don't believe that voters don't include personal feelings with their votes. In addition to his turn around magic Parcells won the 2 Super Bowls as coach of the G Men.

Back to the mercurial Martin. At 5 foot 6 Martin was deemed to small to take a regular pounding. He was a 3rd round draft pick of the Pats in 1995. He gained over 1,000 yards his 1st 10 seasons in the show. My love and respect for Martin is such that I named 1 of my Siberian's after him. Curtis the Wolf!

Martin will be joining a steller Hall class that includes the great center from the Pittsburgh Steelers Dermontti Dawson. The all time great LT of the Chiefs Willie Roaf. The amazing DL Chris Doleman and his fellow sackmaster Kortez Kennedy. Senior selected Jack Butler, a DB who retired with an NFL high at the time 52 interceptions was the 6th new member.

Left out besides Parcells of note were the Bus Jerome Bettis, WR'S Andre Reed, Chris Carter and Tim Brown. Kevin Greene, Aeneas Williams and Charles Haley also fell short of induction.