Heck this might not be angry enough to even qualify as Batman vs Mr Freeze or Obama vs McCain but Lebron James vs Kevin Durant. At least that's the way Lebron sees it.

James came out and declared Durant as his chief rival, top adversary. This after whooping KD and winning the NBA title.

Asked in an interview on ESPN who pushes him the most Lebron surprisingly didn't say Kobe or Carmelo or Rose or even his team mate D Wade. he said specifically Durant. " He is going to be my inspiration. He's going to be the person I look at each and every night to see what he did in a game so I can match him. he is someone I want to compete with year after year".

Interesting thoughts from the best player in the NBA and new world champion. My how quiet it is on the hate Lebron front these days. Lebron said he feels like Kevin is almost a brother saying " he is a hell of a player and he is a great person too".  Hey no argument there. In fact both of these fine players seem like wonderful people