The media is frothing at the mouth again, and their target again is Tim Tebow. Yawn! Let me know when you are tired of the same old same old. Let me explain another tactic of the disgraceful media.

Former Jet QB Boomer Esiason, now a commentator for CBS and talk host for WFAN yesterday declared the Jets should cut Tebow. That's right cut him. Not a snap taken. Not a game played. Not a pick thrown. Yet according to Boomer the Jets should dump Tebow. Of course the disgraceful media, already with plenty of hatred for Tebow picked up on the comment and have made it front page, or back page headlines are running with it full bore!

Funny cause Boomer can opine about 200 different topics but because this fits the media zombie talking points, Boomer is being held up for his courage and "honesty". If the media didn't hate Tebow these comments would be met with well ignoring it totally. but since this fits their fomenting hatred for Tebow, as I have written about a few times, now Boomer and his stupid comments are front page news.

Oh journlaist is breaking down the comments, almost word for foolish word, like diagramming a play on the telestrator. This folks is how thE garbage media works. Say 100 things they don't care about or disagree with and it is met with a collective yawn. Say 1 thing they agree with and you get pages and pages, article after article how in this case Boomer is brave for saying this or something similar.

What Boomer said is flat out absurd, and I like Boomer. We did plenty of radio together when he was in Arizona. Unlike Boomer, Trebow never has walked out on his team like Esiason did when he got demoted in Arizona. He flat out walked out, coming back a few days later. At the time Boomer was in a QB battle with Kent Graham. I supported Boomer then and still admire him both as a player and talk host and opiner. But seriously cut Tebow?

It's the same old pap and blather. Mark Sanchez shouldn't have to look over his back. Tebow is a distraction. Yet NOT 1 PASS has been thrown or 1 play run from scrimmage.

Make no mistake fine readers the obsession with Tebow by the clown media is based on their hatred for him and nothing more. This has nothing to do with can he play or can't he, at least from most of the "journalists". thi sis simply about Tebow's beliefs and religion and the garbage media's hatred of those beliefs.

Somehow the Jets can't have a competitive QB situation cause it isn't fair to Sanchez. Yeah every other NFL team can have a backup that can step in play if needed but not the Jets. That is the logic when you peel away the onion these media liars are all about.

Even my own show producer, Pierce Brix, who produces and contributes to my radio show, Game On with Bruce Jacobs ( 3-7pm mon-fri on 1045 The Team ESPN radio) claims Tebow should only be a backup for a handful of teams, those being the Patriots, Giants, Packers, Saints and Broncos. Yeah all have great qb's and no chance for a backup to get in a game. Basically it is ok for Tebow to be on those rosters cause he won't see the field. Yeah Tebow should not be allowed to play or compete for a job according to Brixy and many others. Absurd!

Esiason could say 30 things in a show yet the garbage media will run with " Tebow should be cut" cause down deep, even though they won't admit it (cause they are journalists don't you know) the media runs with this opinion cause it fits their little zombie view.

Boomer says having Tebow around is in no way benefits the team. Absurd! Tebow is pushing Sanchez to be better as any backup at any position will do and should do.

This suffocating coverage of Tebow has nothing to do with the fans wanting more stuff as the lying journalist will claim. Oh no this has to do with the fervant hate of Tebow and a desire for him to fail. It is the journalist that is obsessed with Tebow, much more so then the fans in my opinion, they just can't tell you that. They pretend they are only feeding the fans interest and they speak for the fans. This is a lie. This is about the media's compulsion and hate for the ardent Christian believer and his being a religious guy.

I loved Tebow's answer when the germ media came crawling around yesterday to get Tebow's reaction to Boomers foolishness. Tebow praised Esiason as a former player then said "God bless him". Oh Tim you are feeding "journalists" hate for you and I love that!