What football fan doesn't love 'Hard Knocks'?  Of all the programming on HBO this is right at the top, behind of course the 'Sopranos'. Too bad 'Hard Knocks' has gone the way of Seinfeld, Friends, and other shows that stayed around too long.  

Who didn't love the Ravens or the Cowboys?  Of course as a Jet fan I really enjoyed  that season of 'Hard Knocks', but now they will focus on the Miami Dolphins? No seriously, the Miami Dolphins. The Dolphins? HBO what in the name of 1st and 10 are you doing? This is so dull that even Dan Marino fell asleep when told about this.

I mean what is the storyline? If the Fins can use Quarterback 54 and 55 and 56 (AM-After Marino) in one season? Goodness how exciting! This team stinks, and has for some time.  However if you listen to HBO executives and Dolphin officials you would think they are the Giants or Patriots.

We are delighted that 'Hard Knocks' will be returning this summer and placing the spotlight on the Miami Dolphins, a venerable franchise that had an exciting off season activity

-HBO sports President Ken Hershman.

Really Ken? Venerable or vulnarable to losing 10 plus games again? The only thing 'venerable' and the Fins is that dump of a stadium and evil Don Shula sitting in his box waving as the few fans fawn about 40 years ago.

Exciting off season moves? They signed a quarterback who was  fishing last season, and drafted a wide receiver to competitor against both  Matt Moore the incumbent and David Gerrard. This after chasing Peyton Manning, Tim Tebow and Matt Flynn.  All rejected them by the way. So should have HBO.

But wait talk about myopic there is new Dullfin coach Joe Philbin.  Here is his quote:

The Miami Dolphins have long been synonymous with success on the field as evinced by our five Super Bowl appearances and the only perfect season in NFL history-That heritage serves as a constant reminder to our players and staff of the great legacy that has been left for us to uphold.

Hey Joe the 1970's called - they want their talking points back.  In your last two playoff games you lost 21-6 to Baltimore and like 50 years before that Marino got skunked in his final playoff game by almost 60 by Jacksonville and I am not kidding.

The choice of  Miami tells me 'Hard Knocks' had no other clubs step up. I mean seriously can you even name eight Dolphin players?  And no, you can't count the 15 the Jets seemed to have grabbed for whatever reason they had.

The Jets by the way turned down HBO's panting for them again. I mean seriously, the story lines for the Dolphins are:  Can a quarterback be their quarterback of the future,  and can they win four games.  That's it! You know their absurd and lousy owner Steven Ross who fancies himself as this big time Holly-weird insider pushed for this.

The falcons turned down HBO's advances as well. So Dolphin fan, all 56 of you left, you weren't even sloppy seconds of HBO's desire. They were desperate, and you know if you're desperate just call the minor leagues for a team.  HBO would have been better off  calling us up here in Albany, and getting the division two Albany Great Danes.