Jason Bay is returning to full baseball activities later this week. Message to Terry Collins: keep him on the bench! Kirk Nieuwenhuis is going nowhere: he’s arguably the second best position player on the team. And I DON’T CARE if that bum Andres Torres is hitting .187, Jason Bay has sucked worse for longer. Just look at the facts: when he sits, we win, when he plays, we suck.

You want to put Bay to work, make him earn his embarrassing paycheck? Ive got some ideas. Citi Field has a dunk tank for kids, tell him to slap on a swimsuit and get in there. Does he have a curve or a change? We could certainly use him in the bullpen. Tell Frankie Fat-cisco to pack his bags, Jason is taking over the ninth. Honestly, if anyone knows how to get outs it’s this clown, he gets 3 or 4 a game. What a joke. As a matter of fact Terry, why don’t you man up and tell that steroid loving GM you work for that Bay is a pathetic waste of money and your not going to play him. See how that goes. Or, see if we can trade him to the Padres while they’re in town. They need a “big name” like “Jason Bay.” Whatever you do, just keep him out of the line-up.