This fan is acting as if he's attending a football game instead of a tennis match at the Australian Open.  It makes for a pretty funny video though.

Viktor Troicki is a Serbian born tennis player.  He was getting heckled by a fan during his first-round match at the Australian Open.  The fan taunts Troicki by saying, "How do you say choke in Serbian?”  Troicki was like, "Oh, hell no."  He made sure the heckling fan got kicked out right away.

Troicki eventually went on to beat Juan Carlos Ferrero in four sets.  Maybe Troicki can teach this heckling fan how to say "ejected" in Serbian also.  The fan should also learn how to come up with something better than, "Good luck, jerky," for the next time he gets kicked out.  Good luck, jerky?  Really?  Whether he's saying jerky or turkey, that's the weakest taunt I've ever heard.  Real heckling fans are ashamed of this guy.

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