I sensed some anger today on the radio program. Being the Jet die hard that I am, of course I was thrilled with the resounding blowout of the Buffalo Bills yesterday in Jersey. Yet I didn't sense that love to be universal.

Some callers made it sound like I was spending time talking up the St. Louis Rams or the San Diego Chargers, not two locals in the Jets and Bills.

I have to laugh at such sniping of course. In New York City today they probably spent all of ten minutes total "breaking down" any other game but the Jets. In Milwaukee today, do you think they spent much time on anything but Packers? Can't this be said about all cities that have NFL teams and/or college teams. Of course it can.

Now, Albany is mostly Giants country and that's all good with me. I like the G-Men but LOVE the J-Men! Scoring 48 points in the opener when all pre-season and for weeks before all you hear is how wretched the Jets offense is and how lousy the club is. I don't even have to tell anyone about the press' hatred and coverage for Tim Tebow. So after trouncing Buffalo in a game the final score really doesn't indicate how big a mashing this was I am supposed to spend much time on Falcons-Chiefs or perhaps Rams-Lions? NO!

I am surprised anyone even would whine about such a thing. I spent my early years growing up on Long Island. Sports talk was Jets-Giants unless a huge story was cooking elsewhere and it would have to be big not to be talking either NY team. Then I moved to Arizona and started working in the business. Yeah, the pathetic most of the time Cardinals took up about 90 percent of the football conversation, and they were lousy most of the time.

Phoenix, if anyone doesn't know, is a very transient city with folks from all over the country moving there, 2nd in the nation next to Las Vegas. I can't recall ever getting a call that said less Cards more Jets or Bucs or anyone. Lots of angry folks here in Albany. For what reason i have no idea.

Now the Jets go to Pittsburgh for a huge game this Sunday. HUGE!

Meanwhile, the world champion Giants have a large game themselves vs the Tampa Bay Bucs. By the way, I should include that WTMM is also the radio home of the Jets.

Let me think, should I spend almost the entire preview time on these two games and throw in the Buffalo Bills? They host the 0-1 Chiefs only four hours to the west. Or should I do a hard hitting preview on Cleveland-Cincy or perhaps even better Vikings vs Colts. Hmm, I'm not sure.

Funny, if I walk into a Burger King I don't tell them to add pizza to their menu.

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