(Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)

Someone please go wake up Fred  Wilpon and the bean counters who run the Mets. I find it hard to believe there is even a debate on should the Mets re-sign Jose Reyes.. Hello earth to Fred-You see all those empty seats at  tax payer bailout stadium,I mean Citifield last year? Yes Fred Met fans aren't banging down the doors to come see Josh Towle crouch behind the dish. If you can't afford to run a baseball team in New York sell the club and get out. While Reyes certainly has some flaws he is the pulse of the Mets. I know shocking it's not "Jason my game is docked in the Bay". Yeah how many Met fans are lining up to pay to see R.A. Dickey see if he can hit 82 on the radar gun. Answer-NONE. Fred open the checkbook and keep the Shortstop please

Met fans my memory is a little hazy but I recall the last time the Mets were carping about the health of a player and should they sign that player was Vlad Guerraro and look what took place. The Angels signed him and he led them to the World Series Title. Fred you don't have to be like the Yanks and toss around benjamins like candy but sorry we aren't going to be fooled into thinking that Rueben Tajada is the next anyone. Sign Reyes and then move onto the pitching staff. This is starting to feel like the M.Donald Grant days to me.