So it seems Eddie Anzalone, aka Fireman Ed, is "threatening" a comeback. Hey big Eddie I got news for you. You aren't Michael Jordan. Nobody cares!

Anzalone, made famous for leading the J-E-T-S- JETS JETS JETS chant at home games, "retired" last year, quitting his act midway through last years brutal season. Ed is now talking comeback, on his terms.

Anzalone cited fan hostility in leaving his cheer leading adventure. Now is he yapping about coming back, if asked, for 'big games."

Seriously Ed?

I like the fireman Ed act as a Jets fan. I really do like the chant blaring through the stadium. Heck it become so popular that Jet haters countered with J-E-T-S Suck Suck Suck or something to that effect. I think it was "genius" Dolphin fan that came up with that counter. Hey what do you expect from fans whose only playoff appearance in like the last 20 years it seems was led by an ex-Jet ( Chad Pennington).

Anzalone told some no name website, Metro, that he has been contacted by the organization about making a " comeback." Anzalone said he turned down the "offer" to be their weekly,on the shoulders of his brother, to lead the chant. However he did say, in overestimating his worth " I wouldn't comeback on a consistent basis but if you needed me for a big game, who knows."

Seriously Ed? Need you? LOL. Let's just be square here. You aren't "needed." You might be wanted, but needed? No!

The Jets "need" good quarterback play. The Jets "need" a running game. The Jets " need" a good pass rush. The Jets don't "need" a fan leading a chant.

Anzalone mentioned several times how he bleeds Jet green. Hey I am down with that Eddie. I feel you on that. Me too. But I don't think I am needed, and besides it shouldn't be hard to find another fan to incite Jet fans. All that will take is another Mark Sanchez interception and Jet fans will be chanting something far uglier then J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets!