Hmm all is quiet on the tweet front from yappy Floyd Mayweather. You know good ole Floyd was watching the Knicks-Raptors game Tuesday night and rooting against the Amazing Lin! Well Floyd what say you now bro?

Let me make this clear. Unlike the dead brains that say Mayweathers tweet about Lin was "racist" I say it wasn't..Unlike those that walk around with no more smarts then yelling racist at every turn the truth is it was dumb and wrong but NOT racist! Floyd said nothing racial against Lin but just how he thought Lin was getting all this credit because he was Asian.

The truth is that's partly true. An Asian player has never done what Jeremy Lin is doing but then again NO player of any Ethnicity has. Not Black.Not White. Not any.

Gosh would I have loved watching the Raptors game with Floyd when with 0.7 left on the clock Lin measured up Jose Calderone and nailed the game winning 3.Knicks win again  100-97.

Toronto led virtually the entire way until the end when the Knicks made a few stops and Let Lin-sanity win the ballgame. Amare Staudemire Returned and look thrilled to be playing with Lin. The thought that he and Carmelo can't play with JL is absurd. Sure guys like their shots but they like winning and Lin is Win!

Lin finished with 27 points and dished out 11 helpers leading the Knicks to their 6th straight win. His step back winner was beautiful just like he popped over Pau Gasol and the Lakers. Lin now has racked up 136 points which is 7 better then Shaq in his 1st 6 games. That's an NBA high since the merger! next up for NY the young, scrappy Sacremento Kings Wednesday night at the Garden which is the start of a 5 game home stand.

Stop hating Floyd and get on board the Lin train cause this is fun stuff!