Dr. Anthony Galea, a healing doctor from Toronto, ON, pleaded guilty to a federal judge in Buffalo, NY to bringing in unapproved drugs into the US, which included human growth hormone (HGH) to many professional athletes. Galea has been connected to Tiger Woods and Alex Rodriguez.

Why did he plea guilty? How does this verdict affect A-Rod and other athletes?

With this guilty plea, this allows other US charges to be dropped, and more importantly, allows the names of his clients to be kept quiet since none of that information will no longer be needed now that a trial won't take place. Galea must pay back $275,000 and still could face up to two years in prison once he is sentenced.

This for sure saves some stress and questions for A-Rod, Tiger, and other athletes who have been connected to Galea. The Mets' Jose Reyes and Carlos Beltran have also been involved as they were questioned by federal authorities on the case. Tiger Woods has acknowledged he's had work done through Dr. Galea but none of it involved HGH but rather "blood spinning."

According to the report, Galea would charge his clients  up to $800,000 for the work performed and would charge $50,000-$70,000 for the drugs used. Galea also was mentioned to treat an NFL player with a remedy of drugs, which induced a $200,000 bill.