The NHL has stepped in and made a ruling on the Nathan Horton Aaron Rome   incident from last night and it seems both sides aren’t happy.

 It cam out early this morning that Nathan Horton has a major concussion from a blind side hit from Aaron Rome in last nights game 3,  8-1 Boston Victory.  The NHL ruled that Rome’s actions were above and beyond what an acceptable hockey hit is. Leaving his stakes leading with his shoulder all after Horton had released the puck.  The hit was so ferocious it knocked Horton (the 2nd leading score fro the bruins this playoff) out for the remainder of the series.

As a result the NHL as stated that Aaron Rome of Vancouver will be suspended for the remainder of the series and if it ends before game seven the suspension will carry on into next season. This punishment is sufficient for the crime but it will not curve the escalating force being showcased in this Stanley Cup Finals. Last night Tim Thomas tossed a body check on Henrik Sedin  to clear the crease.

 The games are getting to the boiling point, which is good because I know I will be watching game 4 like its my job…… it is kind of  my job.