The latest in the Alex Rodriguez saga is his hip surgery. So exactly why did the epic waste of cash put off major surgery until December? Yeah, because it is time finally for every Yankee fan to understand he is playing you and a fraud!

Let's talk about Alex the steroid cheat, who might I remind Yankee fans not only is a steroid cheat but a liar, a thief and a total failure as a Yankee. I contend all steroid cheats are liars, frauds, thieves, and failures. They lied about their stats based on steroid use, cheated teams into paying them more money than their "real" numbers warranted, and stole money through lies. In addition to all of this it is the same A-Rod who felt it more important to flirt with girls than support his club in the playoffs. How more Yankee fans, and I am not a Yankee fan, aren't as outraged about this fake is beyond me.

So the latest with Alex is that he is having surgery for his hip "injury" but that surgery isn't coming until January, meaning he will miss half the season but he won't miss a paycheck, that's for sure. Unlike Derek Jeter and C.C. Sabathia who had surgery right after the season ended so they could get back for the start of the season, Alex the fraud needs a month for "prep" then will undergo this surgery in January. I mean what a joke!

Now of course we get the excuses from Yankees brass about his injury and how it affected him in his post season meltdown. Yeah, sorry, I'm not buying that. It's always ALWAYS an excuse for this fraud! So tell me then, Yankees brass, if this injury was bothering him so much why not have the surgery RIGHT AFTER the season like the other two Yanks did? Is it because this fraud doesn't care if he plays, has no passion, is milking the ball club, and at the same time wants a scapegoat he can use for his failures? Yeah, that sounds plausible to me.

Meanwhile, the NY media, usually very apt at calling out a fake is busy with Tim Tebow and the Jets failures. You would think if anyone gets the skeptic fired up it isn't Tebow but it is Rodriguez.

So let me recap. A guy who signed a contract under false pretenses, is one of the worst cheats the game has seen, a failure outside of his 2009 season, an excuse maker if there ever was one, a guy who could care less what his club is doing on the field as he is trying to score with two ladies instead, puts off this surgery for a problem that caused his post season and regular season failure. This, Yankees fans, is called GETTING PLAYED!