The NBA All-Star Game is a joke.  It's an abomination.  It's un-watchable. It's unthinkable.  It is, as Charles Barkley might say, "turrible."

Everyone knows it.  Almost everyone says it.  And yet, players still play it, and, for some reason, fans still watch it.

Even knowing we deserve more.

What, though, would be more?  How should the NBA fix it this carnival of nonsense?

To me, there is but one answer:


Do away with this farce of a game, and turn the weekend into a street-style, one-on-one (2-on-2 and 3-on-3 would also be acceptable) tournament. Half court game to 11, make it take it.  Winner claims some absurd amount of money for their favorite charity. LeBron vs. Durant. Melo vs. Blake Griffin.  CP3 vs. Kyrie Irving.

Gone would be the days of half-hearted alley-oop fests.  No more would we suffer through four quarters of no effort, no defense, "who cares" basketball.  Instead, we'd see a tense, pressure packed battle for pride.  Because there's no way LeBron would be OK losing to Durant. And only over CP3's dead body would he be shown up by some young kid playing his position.

And suddenly, un-watchable would become must-see TV.