Audio: Tim Legler on Mike & Mike - Roy Hibbert's Game Two PT

Roy Hibbert is easily one of the biggest individual post-season disappointments of all-time. The Pacers won't be able to beat the Wizards this series if Hibbert doesn't contribute.

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Better yet, how about just getting to a point where Hibbert isn't a hindrance?!

In almost 18 minutes in Game 1 on Monday, Hibbert had 0 points, 0 rebounds. Even more staggering, he was a -17 while on the floor for the Pacers.

If he's not helping, you got to get him out, right?

"I think Frank Vogel has to find a way to get him the ball," said ESPN's Freddie Coleman. "He’s still going to start him but he’s going to have a very quick hook.

"If you look at Roy Hibbert and he looks like he’s out of it in the first few minutes, Frank Vogel is taking him out. If he seems to be engaged defensively and busting his butt offensively, then Frank Vogel will keep him in there."

Audio: Freddie Coleman on Handling Hibbert in Game 2: