You gotta love Dwight Howard. He plays hard every game, is a very productive player, rips players who are malcontents, then does most of his talking on the court. Until now! Before helping  the Orlando Magic to a  102-93 win over the Knicks in a matinee at the Garden on MLK day, Howard was whining to the press about how he now can see himself playing in a Clippers uniform and has added the Clips to his list of teams he would accept a trade to.

Hey that's fine. he is a free agent at the end of the year and for some reason he doesn't seem to want to return to the Magic, the only team he has ever known. Hey I am fine with this. He has put in his time and if he is free to sign elsewhere then so be it. He has earned that right. What annoys me is Howards daily " I will go play there" instead of keeping about his good Magic team and seemingly daily update of where he would play instead of focusing solely on where he is playing now while getting paid very well by Orlando.

Howard only scored 8 vs the Knicks as Tyson Chandler and company shut him down, a rare occurance. However it strikes me as strange why Howard is so anxious to bust out of Orlando and the team is a good team. Again. With the win Orlando is a solid 9-3 and in 1st place in the southeast division, tied with the Atlanta Hawks who just lost Al Horford with a shoulder injury for perhaps the remainder of the season. That puts the Magic ahead of the Miami Heat and their 3some of great talent and surrounding solid cast.

I can't figure out why Howard wants out so bad. Of course I have no knowledge of the inside politics within the Magic but from the outside  I see a successful franchise, a warm state, no income tax, and Micky Mouse. On his list are the  NJ Nets-a terrible team. The Clippers a historically laughable franchise that landed Chris Paul thanks to lame commish David Stern, and the aging Dallas Mavericks. Unlike Lebron James when he was in Cleveland Howard has good players around him. This baffles me.

I love Howard and how he plays the game. I love when he tries to focus players that cry about their  surroundings as he has done a few times laying the claim they are well plaid to play a game. I love his demeanor and mostly his work ethic. He never takes a night off. He is a happy go lucky sort of a guy who smiles and enjoys himself and knows he has a wonderful life and job. What's not to like. I tell you. I don't need a daily update of where he will go play next year. Play out this year and then let the cards fall where they might and stop with the updates Dwight. Don't ruin your standing with the

fans,especially those that support the club feverishly in Orlando.