Another edition of the Subway Series opens tonight between the Yankees and Mets, and I, a Yankees fan, has a confession to make:

I don't really care.

At least not in the way I should.  Because honestly, the Mets mean little more to me than any other random team.

I've tried for years to find a way to incite for them the same emotion I reserve for other teams, but it's just not there - and the fact that Citi Field and Yankee Stadium share a city isn't enough to build it.

Some would argue that competition and struggle are needed for vitriol to be sparked, and that we don't have that given the fact that the Mets have been bad for years now.  "Why would anyone who isn't an 85-loss team care about beating an 85-loss team?" they would ask.  "Does the hammer have a rivalry with the nail?" they'd phrase it.

And while they may have a case, to me, those people are missing the larger point.  At least the hammer and the nail meet each other with some frequency.  At least one affects the other.  It would be more apt to, keeping the hardware theme, ask whether the bulldozer has a rivalry with the plastic shovel that children bring to the beach.  Because while matching abilities alone can build a rivalry, what most are truly built on is consequence.  And in different leagues, these two teams are independent of one another.  One bears no consequence on the other.