Today was a very bad day for me.  And no, Maryland's 18-point loss to Duke last night had nothing to do with it.

I lost my wedding ring.  Yes, that's right - my wedding ring is gone!  I think happened yesterday.  I’m not exactly sure when I lost it but I know that it was at some point before lunchtime.

I realized I didn’t have the ring on around lunchtime but I thought I left it at home.  I called my wife to see if it was there and she said it wasn’t in my ring holder thingy on my dresser.

I then retraced my steps.  I searched everywhere all over the station. Outside in the parking lot, in the studio, in my office - I was digging in the snow outside our station at 8:00 last night.  I feel like a piece of me is missing.  I feel awful and depressed.  Where could it be?


The problem is – I don’t even know where or when I last had it on.  I tried thinking if I put it on yesterday before I went to work.  And I couldn’t remember.  I was trying to recall having it when I got my cup of coffee and, again, I couldn’t remember.

Here’s what crazy about this whole story: When Derek Jeter changes the color of his wristbands, what do we do?  We say – OMG, Jeter changed his wristbands!  We remember when Alex Rodriguez went with the stirrups look?  We notice when Hakeem Nicks changes the color of his cleats.

But we don’t even remember when we lose our own wedding ring which was on our hands – given to us by our wives - when we all got married!  It’s unreal!