Yeah, I said it. After my flight from Chicago to Albany was canceled on Sunday, I did what any rational thinking man would do. I watched Monday Night Football with some friends at Hooters.I checked out the 2nd half of the Saints-Falcons game last night at Hooters in South Bend, IN. The Saints beat the Falcons 17-14. I forgot to ask for the girls' name in the picture. I was probably nervous that she would turn down my request for a picture and think I was a wacko.

Some red-blooded males might disagree with the following maneuver. My friends were actually already at Hooters when I got there. I had to situate my chair so that I had a perfect view of the TV so I could watch the game. The only drawback was that my back was facing the Hooters' girls, not my face.

When it came right down to it, I chose football over cleavage. Fair or foul my people?

The other thing that struck me last night was a sign that read, "Superhero Dress Up Day January 13th Here." Who in their right mind would dress up like their favorite superhero and go to Hooters?