Are you watching the NBA Draft tonight?  Why not?

To me, the NBA Draft is the one draft I actually care about.

It's must-see television.  Especially this year, as we'll finally find out where Glens Falls native Jimmer Fredette ends up.

Quite simply, I'm a bigger college basketball fan than a college football fan. So I actually know most of the players that will be picked tonight.  I'm not saying I like the NBA more than the NFL - that's not true at all.  I just enjoy the NBA Draft. 

I've always enjoyed watching the NBA Draft.  I’ve attended Washington Bullets NBA Draft parties as a kid at the Capital Centre/USAir Arena.

There’s just something about a guy with a fresh haircut and a smooth suit, kissing his momma, putting on that hat and shaking David Stern’s hand.  It’s corny but yet somehow really cool. The suits.  The posse's.  The drama.  It's all there at the NBA Draft.

There are less rounds (2) in the NBA Draft which means less players you have to know.  I’ve heard of most of the guys taken.  The NFL Draft is way to damn long, and we already know the first 10 picks before the draft even starts, so there's no drama - plus we can’t name 80% of the players coming out anyway.

In the NBA draft, you actually have true franchise changing players being drafted; the impact of a team is far greater in the NBA than the NFL Draft.  You are talking about 20% of your starting lineup being determined on one night.  The NBA is a lot quicker and one player on an NBA team makes more impact than one guy on an NFL team. 

The NFL Draft takes too long for me.  I don’t even watch it.  I’ll usually just visit every 30 minutes.  The NFL had to fundamentally change their entire draft structure because it was unwatchable: It’s now held over the course of 3 days – not two.

Then there's the fan reaction to the Knicks pick.  New York could take Michael Jordan and their fans at the draft would still boo.  If the Knicks traded their picks for LeBron James and Dwayne Wade, their fans still wouldn't like it.

I just love this type of sports entertainment. Watching a team get assembled is fun! It’s kind of like playing with Legos as a kid.  The best part about Legos is building the castle, house or town, not necessarily playing it with once you're finished the creation.  It’s not the NBA regular season I really care about, it’s how those teams get the point of building their roster.