Every sports fan or gambler knows that you don’t celebrate an outcome until the game has gone final.  Well, based on that theory, last night, I made it snow.

 I believe in jinxes.  If I have the under in a football game, and it’s 7-7 in the 3rd quarter, I know that you don’t celebrate before the final whistle, because inevitably both teams will score 3 times in the 2nd half, pushing the game way over.  If the Mets are up 4 in the 9th, I don’t celebrate until the final out is made, especially since K-Rod sucks in non-save situations.

As many of you know, I am a golf fanatic.  The worst part of the winter for me is not the driving or shoveling, it’s the lack of playable golf in the Capital Region.  Yesterday at 4:15pm EST, it was pouring rain outside and the snow was melting faster than I could belive. I was getting excited. I sent a text message to my roommate (another golf enthusiast) who was home on Long Island for the weekend. The text read:

“It’s raining and the snow is melting faaast.  If we could get a week of sunshine we’d be damn close to golfing.”

 I wasn’t thinking, people.  Within the next hour, the rain turned to ice falling from the sky, covering everything, including my dreams of teeing them high and letting them fly.  For my indiscretions, I apologize, and will suffer with the rest of you until we can golf in late April.